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Welcome to Social Connections, the Barbados social media hub! Mingle a bit, watch some videos, browse our photos and see what's the buzz about Barbados on facebook and twitter.
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Please get in touch with us... we love to hear from repeat guests who now love Barbados as much as us locals do, and we're happy to answers any questions first-time visitors may have!


These are some of our favourite Barbados videos, showcasing what's unique about our lovely island.

  • Barbados west coast boardwalk
  • Barbados Rocks
  • Scenes around Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison, Barbados. A World Heritage Site.
  • Andromeda Gardens, Barbados
  • Barbados Bearded Fig Tree Story
  • Barbados Will Always Be Home - written by John Roett


Addicted to facebook? We confess... so are we! We love to show off scenes of the island along with Barbados events and travel deals!


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Beautiful beaches, amazing attractions, tropical flowers, friendly people, great food... all this makes Barbados a very special place, and we're thrilled to share this with you in our Flickr photos:
  • Belair Bay, Barbados

    On the clifftop overlooking beautiful Belair Bay:

  • Queen's Park, Barbados

    Explore this amazing city park, right in the heart of Bridgetown - Queen's Park:

  • Barbados Monkey

    One of the mischievous green monkeys you're sure to see on your Barbados vacation.

  • RepFeeder

    My favorite place to visit - it's just one of the most beautiful places in the world, and...

  • Shaded Beach, Caribbean-Style

    Relaxing in the shade of a coconut tree on the south coast of Barbados:

  • RepFeeder

    Love barbados everything ! The food the people the history, sightseeing, snorkeling with...

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